Another Obstacle: Trucking Companies That Are Self Insured

Another Obstacle: Trucking Companies That Are Self Insured

When seeking compensation from a self-insured trucking company, you’re likely going to benefit from the assistance we can offer. This is where you really don’t want to go it alone. If you’ve been in an accident with a trucking company that is self-insured, then instead of dealing with an insurance company, you’ll be dealing directly with a trucking company.truck accident attorneys

Some trucking companies protect against personal injuries from trucking accidents by reserving a percentage of their assets instead of purchasing a standard policy from an insurance carrier. The federal government monitors the insurance industry, licenses adjusters, and holds insurance companies, to uphold certain ethical standards. No such regulations limit self-insured companies, so seeking compensation can be far more difficult.

You’ll be negotiating directly with the company’s officers if the trucking company involved in your accident was self-insured. Dealing with the officers of a self-insured trucking company can be far worse for an unrepresented plaintiff. What we’ve often seen is that the amount of an officer’s salary usually depends directly upon the self-insured trucking company’s profits. What that means is, if an officer elects to pay your claim, the chances are that his paycheck will take a direct hit. In other words, such an officer may have a vested interest in seeing your claim severely lessened or completely denied. Unlike an insurance company’s adjusters who are professionals bound by a code of ethical conduct, no such guidelines restrict the conduct of a self-insured trucking company’s officers. These people have been known to tamper with evidence, threaten accident victims, and harass witnesses in order to avoid paying claims.

What Happens When The 18 Wheeler Driver Lies?

For truckers, driving is their livelihood. If they get a reputation for accidents, negligence or incompetence, they won’t work anymore. Who would want to hire someone who has million-dollar accidents? So you can bet that when there’s a wreck, many truckers who are found responsible for causing wrecks are fired. They know this. That’s why truckers will sometimes lie in order to avoid responsibility and maintain their livelihoods. In so doing, they will frequently blame accident victims like you for causing wrecks or will look to pin blame onto any other party that may have been involved in the San Antonio commercial trucking accident.

You run the risk of losing your claim if the trucker in your case is lying and you can’t prove otherwise. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to be able to expose the trucker’s lies for the judge and jury. San Antonio 18-wheeler accident lawyers in our firm can help you validate a truck driver’s story. We’re often able to uncover enough evidence to prove that the trucker’s story doesn’t add up. If we can find the overwhelming contradictory evidence to the trucker’s prevarication, the judge and jury are unlikely to believe the trucker. When the hard evidence isn’t enough, we use depositions to get to the truth that the trucker is trying to cover up. We’ll grill the trucker in your case to get him to come clean before your trial.

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