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Charged With Speeding in Texas? We Can Help.
Have you been stopped for speeding? Have you been ticketed for reckless driving? Did you know that you can lose your license if you have been convicted of driving at excessively high speeds? Did you know you can potentially be charged with a misdemeanor for reckless driving?

Our Guarantee to Our Clients: If our attorneys cannot reduce your traffic ticket, you will get a full refund of our fee!

Speeding Ticket Defense

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Our Law Office provides professional representation for Texas residents and out-of-state travelers who have been issued high-speed tickets or tickets for other moving violations in the state of Texas.

Keep Your License

If you are found guilty of a speeding violation in San Antonio Texas you will not only have to pay the associated fees and fines, but points will also be assessed to your license. The point system in Texas is simple, for each violation, you are assessed 2 points.

In most cases, you do not even have to be present in court for us to fight for you.

Minimize the Consequences of Conviction

Even if you believe that you are guilty, an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in San Antonio can negotiate with the prosecution to minimize the consequences of any conviction. We can help the other side understand any extenuating circumstances, such as an otherwise clean driving record, and challenge questionable evidence. We can address any potential financial hardship that might befall your family if you were to lose your license.

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Construction Defects: Types of Building Issues – Improper Design

Improper Design: Asphalt/Concrete Mixture not per Specifications

Construction defects can stem from the concrete and asphalt that surrounds your house. This could be due to improper design: asphalt/concrete mixture not per specifications. This kind of issue can result in a construction defect that may not appear at first, but will become more obvious with time. These installation deficiencies could cause a varying in the thickness of the asphalt. Again, this may not be evident right away but if you add an issue like evasive soil, the defect will become more severe. More Information on this website

Evasive soil, when wet, will swell and when dry will shrink. Depending on the climate, specifically the rainfall, evasive soil can be very damaging to concrete. The soil movement is unpredictable. At one time it can swell, shifting the house one way, and once the soil dries, it can cause the house to shift the other way. This constant soil movement can cause all kinds of issues. It can create large cracks varying in thickness. Improper design: asphalt/concrete mixture not per specifications may increase the defects you experience with expansive soil.

Lack of Steel Reinforcement

Concrete steel reinforcements are used to minimize cracks. There are some in the industry who believe the lack of steel reinforcement can be replaced with supplemental admixtures. However, the lack of steel reinforcement will allow random cracking to occur and allow any expected cracks to become wider than normal. Proper steel reinforcement will minimize curling and displacement and increase the strength of the concrete slab.

Lack of Cross-Ventilation

An HVAC system needs to promote proper cross-ventilation. The lack of cross-ventilation can create issues with air quality and possibly lead to moisture buildup. The presence of moisture trapped in a humid area where there is a lack of cross-ventilation could be an inviting environment for mold. Lack of cross-ventilation can be the result of improper installation of the HVAC system.

Insufficient Ventilation Openings in Surrounding Walls

If you believe that you have poor air quality in your home, it can be the result of insufficient ventilation openings in surrounding walls. You have to rely on the architect, construction engineer, and/or builder to ensure there is not insufficient ventilation openings in surrounding walls.

Inadequate Clearance between Earth and Wood Components

If there is inadequate clearance between earth and wood components, you could experience the onset of wood-destroying organisms (WDOs). For example, there needs to be a clear space between the bottom of a floor and an area of unimproved ground. Inadequate clearance between earth and wood components should be avoided by following the building guidelines for your state.

Water entry into Crawlspace

If there is water entry into a crawlspace, this can lead to other very damaging issues. Mold and mildew grow best in humid, dark, low-ventilated and wet areas. Crawlspaces match these requirements, especially when water enters the area. Mold can be easy to remove or very difficult to remove. It depends on how much mold is present. Water entry into crawlspaces can also cause leaks to other areas of the house.

Lack of code-required access to Crawlspace

Once you discover there may be issues with your crawlspace, you need to decide on a repair plan. If there is a lack of code-required access to the crawlspace, you will not be able to complete a repair and in turn, whatever the construction defect may be can now affect other areas of your home. Lack of code-required access to crawlspace can turn a small construction defect into a crippling problem.

Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury

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However small you think that your injury might be, take the opportunity to talk to a lawyer first so you are aware of all your rights. There are several unique sorts of personal injuries. A personal injury is usually caused because of the negligence of another individual, on account of the actions of another individual, or as a result of the fault of another person. Physical injuries fall into the non-economic category. Some people are left permanently disabled by an injury suffered during a crash and cannot go back to work.

How to Choose Personal Injury Lawyers
If you don’t already know somebody who’s a lawyer, reach out to your regional Bar Association to request a referral. To begin with, you want to comprehend what you’re seeking with a lawyer. Before you choose to pick legal counsel using a referral service such as this, ask about their requirements for including an attorney on their website and precisely how thoroughly the lawyers are screened. Most individuals assume you merely need a personal injury lawyer for a car crash. If the lawyer is too preoccupied to help you, think about hiring a new personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can end up being highly beneficial in these cases. Choosing a personal injury lawyer can be fraught with psychological problems. Therefore, you must locate a personal injury lawyer who’s sensitive to your feelings concerning the lawsuit.

Experience matters regarding hiring a personal injury lawyer. When suffering from a personal injury on account of the fault of another person, selecting a professional personal injury lawyer may be a terrific assistance. You could consult an experienced personal injury attorney if the damage was a result of extreme negligence of somebody else. Finding the appropriate personal injury attorney may be a challenging undertaking. When you select your attorney, you should ensure that he has enough experience. A knowledgeable attorney at law can help you correctly to go around the lawsuit plan of action. An attorney at law with a thriving history of your sort of injury is the easiest way to make sure to get an excellent final result for your circumstances. As you think about hiring an attorney, bear in mind the legal price. An excellent injury attorney will safeguard you from this and won’t permit this to happen. Regarding finding a great personal injury lawyer, you need the very best.

Suppose you obey these easy actions in discovering a personal injury attorney. In that case, you’re going to be off to a great start on getting compensated for your injury and will probably get the justice you have earned. In such instances, a personal injury attorney can sort out the issue.